The Future
Of Local Traffic & Weather

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MetroGuide is the future of local content. Entertainment, such as dining, sports, concerts and nightlife, is a crucial part of this future. MetroGuide is in the process of rolling out dozens of local entertainment related sites worldwide.


Getting there and back again can be a challenge even on the best of days. This niche site will help busy commuters plan the best route to work, check local gasoline prices, and post and read classifieds for carpool buddies.

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Whereas NightGuide helps people end their day, MorningGuide is the place to go to start it. Plan your day, get your personal to-do reminders and aggregate news feeds. Itís a new day, every day, at MorningGuide.

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Real time traffic conditions need to be available in the format and media that gets the information to the consumer at the moment they need it. Whether itís via e-mail, RSS, or in vehicle telematics, TrafficGuide will be the brand drivers rely on for their traffic needs.

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Knowing what the weather is going to be today, tomorrow, or next weekend, has been a challenge for millennia. LocalForecastGuide will combine the predictions from pros with observations of personal weather stations, which are growing in popularity nationwide, to create a unique composite of local weather conditions.

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