The Future
Of Local Business Listings

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MetroGuide is developing the future of local commerce. Studies show that most of the world’s commerce takes place within just a few miles of people's home, yet there is no clear global solution for the challenge locating and contacting merchants and service providers in local communities. Services such as YellowPagesGuide and FindGuide are poised to transform the way people find and interact with local businesses.

All six domains in this section are concepts currently under development.


Every year, newspapers kill the equivalent of entire forests to print classifieds, with only a small fraction ever read. Isn’t it time, once and for all, to have a central digital listing service for classifieds that not only saves the trees, but saves you time looking around multiple sites? From sources all around the web, jobs, real estate, local items for sale, personals and more all will be available in the single source for classifieds.

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The yellow pages have been the focal point for local commerce for decades. MetroGuide is determined to make YellowPagesGuide the source database for all business listings readers see throughout the MetroGuide.Network®. YPG will add critical local businesses and services in industries to the MetroGuide roster, such as medicine, automotive sales, home repair, the law, and more, and transform the online yellow pages industry.

Coming in 2010 to!


Modern commerce cannot go forward without lending and borrowing, but the world of finance is intimidating and often near-predatory for most people. Change is on the way. LenderGuide is the business resource that will help you sort out the best lenders at the best rates, providing a single place to enter application information into a trusted source.

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The venerable printed White Pages are reaching the end of their useful life. In addition, when you take into account all of the privacy issues associated with listing peoples’ contact information, it is plainly time for a new model, one that lets the end user control how their information is displayed. PhoneBookGuide will make the personal digital phonebook the new paradigm for interpersonal contacts.

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There’s a whole lot of G’s in the TaggingGuide brand, and there’s soon to be a whole lot of tags incorporated by our readers. When users say “TaGGGG This,” they will be sharing their knowledge about an atomized piece of content to both their personal metro network and with the world. TaGGinGGuide will change the way local content is presented and found on the Internet.

Coming in 2010 to!


Millions of local listings, millions of products and billions of webpages make it quite a challenge to find anything on the Internet. As a next-generation meta-search engine, FindGuide will bridge the gap between structured and unstructured data, pages and postings, to bring the end user a new alternative to how local information can be found online.

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