June 29, 2017

EventGuide Records New Holidays For All Time

Sunrise, Florida -- Each day throughout the calendar year, social media is abuzz with daily holidays. Also each day, the question "who makes these things up?" invariably gets asked. MetroGuide's EventGuide service will now provide the definitive answer.

The major holidays are well established, but each year literally dozens of new holidays are declared, whether by official government proclamation or social media acclamation. The EventGuide New Holiday List will catalog these new holidays by year, providing researchers and calendar editors a reference to maintain and enhance their own resources.

"One would think that annual holidays are squarely in the camp of evergreen content," observed MetroGuide CEO Mark Metz, "so we were quite surprised to see just how dynamic this subject has become." With around 140 declared events, 2016 currently holds the lead for the most active year ever recorded.

The EventGuide lists, which include months and weeks, are located at http://eventguide.com/newholidays/. Each year shows the date the holiday was first observed, plus any registrar that was involved in recognizing the event.

"Statements to the effect of 'we cannot find the origins or creator of this holiday' are present on too many calendar site listings," continued Metz, "and with EventGuide this loss of historical data will never happen again."

Today's Holidays:
New Holidays:

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