May 5, 2008

Iconic Shift: MetroGuide Updates Header Logos on Vertical Sites

It's a time of rebirth for one of the most recognized series of logos on the web -- the Guide-themed graphics that have graced the top of MetroGuide webpages for well over a decade. The original font in the logo was Comic-sans MS with a 3D shading applied. The new logo uses Impact and reflects the branded colors for each of MetroGuide's verticals.

The "Guide" concept ties together dozens of MetroGuide-operated vertical websites, such as HotelGuide, DiningGuide, EventGuide and many others. Countless millions of unique visitors have seen the Guide logos since MetroGuide first appeared on the web in 1995.

"Changing the logos was a bit emotional," commented MetroGuide Founder and CEO Mark Metz, "they are almost like family." Metz explained that he originally selected the Comic font because in the mid-90's it seemed out of place to associate the new, idealistic Internet medium with overly serious, corporate-looking imagery.

But with MetroGuide's growth over the years into one of the largest online city guide sites, Metz and his staff decided the time had come to transition to a bolder look that better reflected the Company's status. "We are very conservative about making changes in appearance or functionality," observed Metz, "our readers have been exceptionally loyal over the years and we prefer giving them incremental changes rather than having them wake up to a radical, overnight overhaul."

Old versus New Logos

The previous logo, left, and the new logo, right, show the effect of the transition. The changes apply to what MetroGuide calls its "Network" series of sites; the MetroGuide.Community, which is operated semi-autonomously, is not affectd.

Incorporated in Florida in 1996,, Inc., operates both the "MetroGuide.Network" of city sites and the "MetroGuide.Community" social network. The city sites and the social network support each other towards the goal of creating the "Ultimate City Guide," a place where people can go to find everything they need to know about their local communities, and get answers to every question they might have regarding those communities. First appearing on touch-screen kiosks in 1993 and on the web in 1995, MetroGuide enjoys the status of being one of the world's first digital city guides.