August 12, 2002 is New Name for

Hollywood, Florida - The travel- and hospitality-based family of websites known worldwide as, Inc. has changed its name to, Inc. (MetroGuide) to better reflect the longstanding scope and character of the operation. The site is located at, but visitors to the earlier site will be shuttled to the new site.

"The MetroGuide service went live on our South Florida hospitality kiosks in May of 1993, and live on the World Wide Web in July of 1995," said Mark Metz, founder and president. "I was able to secure the domain names and, but eluded me for a number of years. When it became available last year, we quickly secured it."

With finally in the fold, "having the three names together felt like holding a winning trifecta," Metz said. "We could at long last operate officially using the name I'd intended all along." The tight-knit staff and their families celebrated their good fortune with a light-hearted afternoon learning about another kind of trifecta at a local Jai Alai fronton.

MetroGuide is a continuously-expanding multi-million-dollar contextual commerce mainstay. Its more than a quarter-million pages welcome over two million unique visitors every month, and represent thousands of hotels, restaurants, airlines, events and attractions; and provide insight and information on 241 metropolitan areas worldwide.

The company derives income from visitors buying products and services through the various Guides in the MetroGuide family of sites. Metz and his staff protect customer relationships by ensuring site information is accurate and customers are treated well when they visit DiningGuide, NightGuide, EventGuide, RetailGuide, and LodgingGuide, which includes HotelGuide and CondominiumGuide.

With visible success came unwanted attention from digital pirates, cyber-squatters and typo-squatters trying to unfairly capitalize on the firm's hard work and solid reputation. In 2002, MetroGuide declared war on digital thieves of every stripe. Metz' partner, attorney Scott Rogers, who joined the firm in 1999, safeguards MetroGuide and leads the legal charge against intellectual property theft. To date,, Inc. has prevailed in every legal challenge it has mounted.

For more information or to request a press kit, call MetroGuide vice president, Scott Rogers, at (954) 981-5850, or visit