May 30, 2002

RealMetros & iSeatz -
A Tasty Partnership

HOLLYWOOD, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 30,, Inc. (RealMetros) gets more than two million unique visitors to its family of hospitality-based sites each month. is the Internet's leading provider of online restaurant reservations, dining packages and restaurant recommendations. RealMetros and iSeatz joined forces in December, and what a tasty partnership it is proving to be. "Since December, the number of iSeatz restaurant reservations made each month through RealMetros' DiningGuide Network family of sites has nearly doubled," said Mark Metz, RealMetros president. "We are gratified that our members find this service so valuable."

To use RealMetros to make iSeatz reservations, go to and click on the "Make Reservations" button on the left. To facilitate even more restaurant reservations, RealMetros plans to make extensive use of its "deep linking" technologies to link its DiningGuide readers directly into the iSeatz booking service for individual restaurants. This deep linking technique, which will appear in 23 North American DiningGuide sites, already has proven successful for RealMetros in other markets, such as hotel reservations.

Founded in 1999 by a team with a proven track record in integrating technology with the restaurant and hospitality industries, iSeatz provides restaurant reviews, photos, menus, recipes and chef profiles. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, iSeatz enables consumers to book immediate reservations at more than 700 restaurants in most major national markets.

"RealMetros and iSeatz have forged a win-win-win arrangement," said Kenneth Purcell, iSeatz president and CEO. "RealMetros members gain the quality of information and access to dining experiences they have come to expect, and RealMetros and iSeatz have gained a valuable business relationship."

RealMetros, incorporated in 1996, attracts more than two million unique visitors each month to its quarter-million-page travel-related contextual commerce sites. RealMetros stands at the forefront of the legal battle to end digital piracy. For more information, contact Scott Rogers, (954) 981-5850.