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MetroGuide's goal is to be nothing less than the hub for all Local Content on the Internet.

The Company's mission is to have all Local Content associated with MetroGuide,

"When you think Local Content, think MetroGuide."

The Local Content industry is in the process of rapid transformation and MetroGuide is poised to assume a leadership role in that transformation. Diligently preparing its technology and brands for more than a decade, MetroGuide captures the best elements of the local newspaper, yellow pages, radio, and local TV, combined with the power of people sharing opinions with their network of friends. With its extensive network of sites and advertising products, MetroGuide's business model looks to traditional local media sources that advertise and promote its services on MetroGuide sites. Using its ".Community" model, MetroGuide is able to avoid incurring the high content production costs of traditional media.

MetroGuide is a closely held company that has been a pioneer in the publication and technology of local content and travel guides. The company is working to tranform its vertical brands, such as YellowPagesGuide, ClassifiedsGuide, DiningGuide, EventGuide, TrafficGuide, RetailGuide, ProductGuide et. al. into the dominant sources of local content on the Internet and beyond.

Incorporated in 1996, Metroguide represents the entrepreneurial vision of Internet pioneer Mark Metz, and now commands more than one million unique visitors monthly to its .Network of sites and a rapidly growing membership in its unique online .Community.

The company is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida.