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MetroGuide's sites are advertiser-friendly, offering high quality traffic at competitive prices. MetroGuide's advertising opportunities come in three types, summarized below:

1. CPC 2. PPCall 3. CPM
Contextually targeted in-page and in-text links deliver high-converting traffic to relevant landing pages on e-commerce sites. Sold directly by MetroGuide. MetroGuide has a phenomenal track record of generating high-converting phone calls from MetroGuide business profiles, priced on a Pay-Per-Call basis. Banner and other display ads are available on Cost Per Thousand (CPM) basis through advertising networks and agencies.

Each type of advertising has different benefits depending on advertiser needs. Please contact us for more information.

1. Cost Per Click (CPC) Advertising

This type of advertising is ideal for companies with e-commerce sites that have distinct landing pages for physical properties, for example, hotels or restaurants. MetroGuide's CPC adversiting program has a proven track record delivering targeted clicks to large hotel chains, hotel consolidators, online travel agencies, online event ticket agencies and online restaurant reservation services.

A typical client of the CPC program provides MetroGuide with a list of individual properties or products that they want to promote and the URLs to send the traffic to. Lists can be large or small. MetroGuide has run successful campaigns for lists as small as a dozen or so vacation packages, to thousands of hotels in a chain, up to tens of thousands of hotels represented by an online travel agency. MetroGuide's proprietary ContextManagerSM software matches individual links in a client's list to the corresponding Profile Page on one of our networks of sites. So, if an advertiser has a reservations opportunity for "XYZ Restaurant," the MetroGuide CPC program will place a "Make Reservations" link on the Profile Page about XYZ Restaurant in our DiningGuide product. Users qualify their interest by selecting XYZ Restaurant specifically in our Guide system based on their personal criteria, so their interest in making a reservation is legitimate and the click is extremely targeted.

2. Pay-Per-Call (PPCall) Advertising

Like the Cost Per Click program, the Pay Per Call advertising program is performance based. If your phone doesn't ring, you don't pay. But MetroGuide does more than deliver random calls. Since 1999, our profile pages have delivered countless calls to reservations services by placing contextually targeted and trackable phone numbers on our business Profile Pages.

A large part of the success of the program is that readers of our Guide-sites often like to research a product at their own pace online, and then pick up the phone at the moment of purchase. A balanced online marketing effort, therefore, should have both a CPC and a PPCall component to maximize the touch points to convert the consumer. The PPCall program is ideal for large chain advertisers, retail chain stores and online travel agencies, among others looking for high-quality marketing at competitive rates.

3. Cost Per Thousand (CPM) Advertising

MetroGuide's network of sites delivers millions of impressions each month across sites that have both a geographic component and a vertical component. So, for example, an advertisers can target a specific vertical, say travel, and a specific location, the Bay Area, and MetroGuide could serve up ads on HotelGuide, FareGuide and CarRentalGuide in the metropolitan divisions for San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley and Marin County. Impression-based advertising on MetroGuide can go as broadly or as narrowly as fits the needs of the advertiser.

MetroGuide's sites currently support ad sizes of:

MetroGuide plans to offer a 728x90 above the fold ad unit after a site redesign planned for early 2007.