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Building the Essential City GuideSM

MetroGuide is building the world's ultimate online city guide by fusing communities of local users and a network of local listings. We aim to be nothing less than an essential service -- something we all can't live without.

A long time leader in the "local content" industry, MetroGuide's patent-pending systems are working to transform a media landscape once dominated by yellow pages, local newspapers, radio and TV. Given the state of the industry today, there are literally thousands of local information sources, big and small scattered across the Internet. How can you find the information you need? How do you know it is reliable?

You know how to get search results. How do you get ANSWERS?

MetroGuide is pioneering a whole new way of producing, verifying, managing and distributing local content. Our newest systems, currently in "beta test" mode, and designed to revolutionize the way you shop, dine, entertain, commute and communicate locally. We're building a new online community, called the "MetroGuide.CommunitySM," (go) (read more) to actually get their questions about their local communities answered. We provide local residents and local businesses a central place to voice their opinions, interact with their friends and colleagues, ask questions and earn rewards for doing so. The MetroGuide.Community began extensive beta testing in 2007.

The MetroGuide.Community is inseparable from the well-established MetroGuide.Network®, (go) (read more) a collection of local content websites tied together with a common branding theme. The MetroGuide.Network has a long history; many of the network's brands went live on the Internet in 1995. local content produced by the MetroGuide.Community, combined with content aggregated from third parties, is ranked and filtered into the MetroGuide.Network, where the world can read and subscribe to the best local content available. The MetroGuide.Network consists of current publications, DiningGuide, EventGuide, NightGuide, HotelGuide, RetailGuide, VenueGuide and others, and future publications YellowPagesGuide, ClassifiedsGuide, TrafficGuide, GiftCardGuide and others. For an overview of the differences between the .Network and .Community services, click here.

The Vision

Our company,, Inc. is working hard toward a future where all local content will be associated with MetroGuide. Whether we publish the content on our (.Community + .Network), whether we store the content on someone else's behalf, whether we aggregate it from third parties or whether we syndicate it to third parties, MetroGuide is aiming for nothing less that being the world's hub for local content.

At, we hope you'll bookmark our sites and join our communities. Let us be your life guide.

The MetroGuide Team

MetroGuide is ... "The Essential City Guide"

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