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The Internet is anything but a "one size fits all" solution. Some people use the Internet to socialize and interact. Some people go online to find quick answers to specific inquiries and then move on. MetroGuide has created two complimentary services to deliver the best of both worlds, using its .Community social network and its .Network series of publications to create the hub of local media. The table shown below provides a quick overview of the differences between the two interconnected services.

The .Community is currently in beta testing mode. Additional .Community features are being added weekly.

  .Community .Network
Themes: "Inquire, Compose and Share." "Research, Decide and Act."
Structure: Social Network Combined with Social Media Local Publications Grouped by Vertical "-Guide" Theme
Primary Participants: Long-term Members One-time Readers
Goal: Create a wholesome space where community members can freely (and as desired, privately) share their opinions, insights and experiences about local businesses with like-minded members, locally and worldwide. Rate and organize local content into concise business profiles that readers can use to make rapid, informed decisions about desired purchases, and then provide contextual links directly to the appropriate vendor.
Membership Required? Yes No
Cookies Used By MetroGuide? Yes No
Advertising Model: Display,
Per Impression
Per Click & Per Call
Patents Pending? Yes Yes
"Hemisphere": Right Brain Left Brain
Technologies: Recommendation Engine, Q & A, Reviews, Forums / Clubs, Blogs, Invitations, Messaging, Tagging / Folksonomies, Favorites Lists, Personal Homepages Keyword Search, Structured Directories, Contextual Commerce, Contextual Advertising, Taxonomies, Enhanced Yellow Pages, Enhanced Classifieds

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